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In the course building this site we have done a lot of research on generating traffic, finding content and high paying services and products that sell. There are plenty of stupid scams and get rich quick schemes that rarely work. All the programs in this guide we use ourselves. The ones that didn't work we got rid of long ago.

Services & Products to offer off your web sites

This page provides links to some of the best affiliate programs on the web for your site. These free sponsors allow you to easily provide services/products from your site and receive generous commissions in return. We will continue to update this list as we become aware of new programs which benefit your web site -- so check back often.

If you are new to affiliate marketing CLICK HERE
Commission Junction
This program is the best and largest affiliate network you will find to sponsor your site. It is free to join and very reputable. Below we've listed a few of the sponsors that we have used successfully. Once you join Commission Junction you will have access to all these sponsors and thousands more.

Wonderfully Wacky
Possibly the world's wackiest gift gallery. Surf by and decide for yourself!

The Johnson Smith Co.
This you never knew existed...and other items you can't possibly live without. The Johnson Smith Company is one of the oldest catalogs companies serving customers since 1914. Things You Never Knew Existed Online Catalog

The Lighter Side
Also owned by the Johnson Smith Co., the Lighter Side has a wide range of gifts that are sure to get a laugh.
The Lighter Side Co. Online Catalog

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